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Digital marketing trend

What is digital marketing? Does this mean the transfer of traditional marketing tools in the world of digital media? Digital marketing is a collective term for all marketing activities online. Companies use digital channels such as Google search, social networking, emails and private websites to come into contact with current and potential customers. Today, people spend two times more time online than twelve years ago.

The marketing goal has always been to reach potential customers in the right place at the right time. Today, this means that You need a variety of digital tools in order to satisfy clients who spend time on the Internet. Digital marketing covers a wide range of tactics and materials, from websites to online branding material, digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures and much more. In the digital age, traders can use the potential of new technologies. There is a need to use creative, effective marketing strategies and to reach the largest possible number of potential users in the virtual space by using digital marketing tools.

The next horizon will be deep integration of the physical and interactive worlds. The future of online is offline.

Cyriac Roeding

The most notable tools used in digital marketing are Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook marketing and Content marketing.

What are the benefits of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service developed by Google, which serves to monitor and analyze website traffic. By using Google Analytics, website operator can find out how did a visitor reach the website and how did he/she move on it. In addition to the information such as visitors' origin, length of stay and terms entered into various browsers, the integration of Google Analytics with Google AdWords in the user interface is possible. Thus, better tracking of AdWords campaigns can be achieved by collecting data on visitors; for example, you found out that specific visitor often visits Your website and searches a specific keyword, so you can conclude that this keyword is very important and adapt it to AdWords campaign.


AdWords is Google platform for advertising. As a regular user, you will come across the advertisements almost every time you visit the Internet. In order to correctly answer the question "what is AdWords", we must distinguish two types of advertising networks:

Search network or Google browser is the first. In this network, Google occupies a prominent position because of the market share. Other pages on which there are AdWords advertisements are called "display network". This includes portals, individual private sites, commercial, commercial and non-commercial websites, i.e. all those which belong to the list of Google partners. The main motive of AdWords users is that they want to be found on Google.

The most important part of Google AdWords are keywords. With help of the advertiser, it can be determined beforehand that the advertisement will only show up in search results for specific terms or thematically selected pages. In addition, virtual sites on which the advertisement will not appear can be defined by using negative keywords. In the last few years, Google has updated advertising system, so it can today be set that some advertisements appear in certain area or on certain devices.


Content marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing activity based on the content. The important disciplines of content marketing are PR, SEO, social media and e-mail marketing. Three key objectives of content marketing as a brand positioning, customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

Content marketing is a general name for marketing formats, whose content needs to be reached by a large number of people in order to build trusted relationships and influence their attitudes and behavior. Good content solves users' problems and supports business goals. Content is distributed to websites, blogs and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, content can be offered in various other formats. The goal of content marketing is to approach potential customers and keep them. This is achieved by constantly creating valuable and interesting content in order to change or affect costumer behavior. In practice, content marketing uses content to create its own audience and maintain contact with them.

How do we get found in search engines? How do we get people to talk about us on social? We better be interesting and helpful, and we better do that on a consistent basis.

Joe Pulizzi

What is the importance of Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing is crucial factor for brand building, customer loyalty and enhanced reputation. Facebook can be perfectly used for all the enumerated activities, and since it is the world's largest social network, it offers different mechanisms for achieving permanent success. Facebook is communication platform for social networks which today has more than 500 million members worldwide. Thus, Facebook is convenient tool for Internet marketing. Login to Facebook is free for all users. In the so-called fan pages, companies can be presented to the public.