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Mobile applications in modern business

Business world is now becoming unthinkable without the use of smart mobile devices, and therefore mobile applications in order to speed up or simplify the performance of various tasks. Over the years, the development of mobile applications depended on needs, technology, transfer rate, content and topic, so therefore, depending on the offer of mobile devices, we can say that today we live in a world of mobile technology.

Due to dynamic development of mobile technologies, we are witnessing the increasing level of popularity of the use of mobile applications in almost all areas of our everyday life. This trend is most reflected through social networks, communication and messaging applications, news applications and many more.

The next horizon will be deep integration of the physical and interactive worlds. The future of online is offline.

Phil Nickinson, Editor of Android Central

Mobile business

Mobile business refers to the use of mobile technology for the exchange of goods, services, knowledge and information. As such, it is used for business purposes in order to increase business efficiency, which refers to a number of business costs and better competitive position on the market. Under this term, we can distinguish several forms of mobile business, which show the difference between the development of internal solutions that are used in specific business environment and external decisions directed to customers.

Internal solutions imply the development of one connected IT infrastructure, which enables the members of that business environment easier communication, information exchange and all other benefits which arise from it. This accelerates business processes and preserves the integrity of exchanged content. Examples are business systems used by banks, public institutions, big shops, catering facilities and similar.

In contrast to these internal solutions, there is the development systems which are primarily intended for the interaction of business entity with potential customers. Today, the most common example is online sale of goods and services, or in other words web stores. This form of trade was primarily designed so that users can access it when browsing on computers. With the help of previously mentioned growth in the use of mobile devices, such online stores are adapted to the users in the form of mobile applications so that they can shop on the go.


Advantages of mobile applications

Mobile applications have several advantages in comparison to the classic Internet sites. The development of your own application further strengthens the brand and recognition, you become more available for user queries and you build loyalty relationship. With the help of mobile application, we can better track user’s behavior, in order to offer them better services in the future.

In the end, we can conclude that mobile applications represent new trend in business world which will constantly evolve, and users, as always, must be offered something new in an accessible and entertaining way.

Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.

Thomas Husson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research