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How can a landing page help your business

Are you an owner of a vacation home or an apartment you rent, or maybe have a product you want to sell and don't know how to advertise in the vast world of the internet? Landing page is the solution for you! You have almost certainly never heard of this term, but you have surely seen hundreds of them if you otherwise use the internet.

Landing page is a web page you “land” on after clicking on an advertisement, email or any other digital area. It is an individual, single web page whose primary goal is a call to action. Creating a web page such as this one has an objective to turn visitors into customers or leads. A successful landing page does not distract visitors with additional links or content but offers crucial information on your product which encourages the visitors to buy whatever it is you are trying to sell. Unlike home pages, which encourage visitors to flip through the content of your page, landing pages are dedicated to one goal, that is, the product or service they offer, and thus, focus specifically on that part. This kind of web page design usually doesn’t have navigation to other pages or any external links.

Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts. It’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business.

Mohamed Saad

What is the use of landing pages?

Landing pages can either be click through, which means they lead to another page or they can be based on lead generation. Click through landing pages use additional information to help visitors get even more interested in the product or service you offer before they finally decide to make a purchase. Those dedicated to lead generation usually offer items such as eBooks, webinars or free trials in return for your contact information. You can have more than one landing page, each specifically directed toward different customer populations. For example, if you have different offers for different parts of Croatia you can create a web page specifically for Zadar, another one for Split, etc.

Just like any other web page, landing pages developed over the past few years. There are a few prevailing types you can build these days: call to action landing pages, information gathering, those used to raise awareness towards a brand, ones with a specific URL linked to bigger campaigns, those dedicated to providing details about a specific product and home pages as landing pages.

In building your own landing page you don’t have to start from scratch but can use online tools with templates and options for personalization. Also, you can pay an expert to create the webpage for you.

5 Things a good landing page should have:

1. Simple and clean design

Good landing pages don’t usually have a full header and footer but rather avoid elements like links and are simplistic in their design without any distractions that might send visitors in a different direction. Since the goal of each landing page is to get the visitor to click on the CTA (call-to-action) button, it should be properly emphasized with its size, color, or even a different font. Furthermore, it would be useful to have more than one CTA button located within different scrolling screens.

2. Single purpose

As stated previously, your landing page should have only one purpose. This way you can keep the visitor’s attention oriented towards what you want them to do. This also gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the rest of the content on the page directed towards building up your offer and getting the visitors to do what you need them to. If you provide them with options you will most likely lose their interest. With that being said, also have in mind that if you have slightly longer content not to put it all in one bulk but rather to split it into several smaller portions with clear indication that there is more to come if you keep scrolling. Another good practice is to use pointers when you have more then one characteristic of the product you are trying to sell. Creating a webpage of this type serves to satisfy one purpose only.

3. User experience

Use either testimonials of satisfied customers or use the splendors of social media such as tweets, Facebook posts or Instagram stories. People like to hear good experiences and recommendations from others, especially if you have the opportunity to get an influencer or a locally famous person to endorse it.

4. Multimedia

Include videos and pictures on your landing page. People are more attracted to short descriptions followed by either videos or pictures than long excerpts of text. The reason behind it is very simple – it takes less effort to watch a video than to read a text of certain length.

5. Imperativeness

Since your goal is to get a lead or a purchase from your visitor now, that is, after having read the content of the landing page, you must create a sense of urgency. One idea is to use a countdown timer to make people think that they need to react immediately or they will miss out on the offer. Another idea is to create a limited offer or a special discount during a specific period. No matter the method you choose, your end game is the same – get the visitor to make the purchase now because once they leave your page it is very unlikely that they will come back to complete the purchase afterwards.