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Results of the implementation of the project " Upgrading, adapting and commercializing the Sintelly educational platform to market demands"

On September 1, 2020, the project "Upgrading, adapting and commercializing the Sintelly educational platform to market requirements" was completed, about which you can find more information at the following link. Upon completion of the project, all planned activities were successfully implemented.

As a result of the successful implementation of the project, we can list several important achievements:

  • Sintelly d.o.o. has launched three new products, the Android mobile app, the iOS mobile app and the Internet app
  • Sintelly mobile applications have more than 900,000 downloads and over 60,000 active users per month
  • In the first three months of subscription sales, the application has more than 600 active subscribers
  • The application has positioned itself among the 200 best educational applications in the world on the Google Play store

In the future, regular updates are planned on the Sintelly educational platform with constant improvement of the user experience. The project team will constantly work on improving the background functioning of the referral system within the Sintelly educational platform and its quality.

This project served as a platform for free sharing of educational and expert content and as an example of good practice to many similar companies in Croatia. The growth of the competitiveness of Sintelly d.o.o. will generate new networking ideas with a multiplicative positive effect on the entire business environment in Croatia.

The Sintelly project is self-sustaining because the revenue it generates will be sufficient to invest in improving the platform itself and marketing activities in order to attract new users. With the increase in the number of users, revenue growth is expected. As users grow, so will the need for modifications and adaptations of the platform to their requirements, which will result in new employments.

Revenues expected from the platform will enable the realization of other projects of Sintelly d.o.o. which will result in the generation of new revenue and new ideas.

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