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Amas Bijoux

Client: Amas Bijoux

Date: 3.9.2018

Technology: WordPress, HTML/CSS/JS


The Croatian brand AMAs Bijoux has a large selection of modern silver and gold jewelry, and is best known for its rope bracelets with silver pendants.

AMAS silver jewelry is especially appreciated for its quality, and the vast majority of handicrafts. In addition to its own design, AMAS also offers a wide selection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made of silver that fit in the AMAS style: minimalism, tenderness and decent figures.

A new campaign titled "#amaslove" was inspired by spring, the tulips in the campaign represent the gentility and the brightness of Spring. The collection is characterized by bright colours, so the new colorful ropes for the bracelets are also available; light blue, yellow, pastel pink, green and coral color.