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City Benkovac

Client: City Benkovac

Date: 3.5.2019

Technology: Angular 7, HTML/CSS/JS


A new customized website, with a device customized view, has been developed for the city of Benkovac. Standard web technologies were used in the development, while Angular 7, more specifically Angular Elements, was used for the interactive parts. A fully customized admin interface has been developed to manage the content of the site.

Benkovac is a town in northern Dalmatia, located about 30 km east of Zadar and 20 km northeast of Biograd na Moru. It developed where the plain of Ravni Kotari and the karstic plateau of Bukovica meet. Although it is located on the eastern edge of the Ravni Kotari plain, it is considered the centre of the area as the only urban settlement.

Benkovac's development was determined by its favourable traffic position since it is located where the roads leading from Zadar to Knin and from Lika to the sea intersect. This position was further emphasized in the 20th century by the construction of the Zadar-Knin railway (1966), and especially the Zagreb-Split highway (2005), which runs throughout the entire administrative area of the city. Benkovac junction on the highway is located about 3 km southwest of the town, between the villages of Miranje and Šopot.