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Meteo Adriatic

Date: 1.2.2018

Technology: Ionic 3, HTML/CSS/JS

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Free mobile applications Meteo Adriatic offers the opportunity to review some of the meteorological data provided by domestic portal in various display modes.

Data are based on a mathematical calculation of numerical atmospheric model WRF-ARW in a special configuration based on long experience in numerical modeling of the atmosphere. The application offers the possibility of reviewing the standard meteorological parameters to 5 days in advance in the form of tables and graphs, with a time resolution of only one hour. Graphs provide overview of some less common data, such as instability of the atmosphere and information of free atmosphere at some height from the ground.

By this we are providing our users detailed insight into the meteorological events forecasting 5 days. But for those who require a lot more than the usual display of meteorological forecasting, Meteo Adriatic offers an overview of all meteorological charts with portal.

Gain a complete insight into the state of the atmosphere through our cards.This part of the application will be used mostly by real meteorological connoisseurs and will be appreciate by all those who follow the same or similar products on the web - such as fishermen and other boaters, farmers, flyers, hikers, surfers, hikers and all those whose activity is affected by weather.