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Olya Sookie

Client: Olya Sookie

Date: 3.9.2018

Technology: HTML/CSS/JS, WordPress


Olya Sookie is a product and fashion designer born in Makarska, Croatia. From her earliest age, she knew she wanted to design, so she chose Fine Arts High School in Split, studying industrial design. She graduated from high school in 2009., with her project being Papillon Discoteque – which won second prize at the National exhibition of graduate projects in design: IDIVA 2009. This gave her a chance to exhibit her work at the International fair of innovation, new ideas, products and technologies – ARCA 2009.

Olya graduated in product design from Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Over the years she worked on different projects, ranging from industrial design to its total opposite; unique design. Many of her projects were successfully realised and exhibited. They are excellent examples of successful collaborations between students and companies. One of those projects was a collaboration between the Japanese Embassy and the Academy, which resulted in Olya’s “Sookie Doll” being exhibited in Japan in 2013. Her work is divided into Olya Sookie Home, handmade ceramics & light fixtures and her own fashion brand “Nephilim”. In 2018 Olya was part of the list of 20 most influential people on Makarska Riviera.