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Digital marketing

The term online advertising refers to all networking activities used to promote products and services. The advantage of online advertising in comparison with classical advertising is ponderability as one of the main factors. All activities carried out for the purpose of online advertising can be measured, in other words data about the achieved conversions are always available.

Google AdWords & Analytics

Google AdWords is a modern service of Internet advertising which allows targeted advertising of products or services. Advertisements are displayed when using Google search network or browser, as well as through display network which includes thousands of partner web sites. In order to track visits to our website and get an insight into user activities, we use the tool called Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool designed to monitor and analyze website traffic. It offers detailed information about website users and many other information about how users reach Your website and the ways in which they use it.


Today, Facebook convincingly represents the largest social network in the world. Based on this fact, we can easily conclude that it represents a large business opportunity for the promotion of products and services. Unlike standard web pages, Facebook ensures greater interaction with the audience or potential users.

By maintaining the activity of Facebook page, we create the awareness of the existence of specific brand or company and offer users the opportunity of easier and quicker contact. By this we create user loyalty and mutual trust, and, consequently, what leads to new business opportunities and partnerships.

If we want to attract more users, we should care about the website content. This includes activities of creating relevant content in order to attract users and increase visibility.