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Web shop

By creating web shop, You enhance the recognition of Your business and offer better availability for the customers. By deciding to move Your store to the Internet, you become available to Your clients 24 hours a day, by which You can increase Your profit to a large extent.

Web shop includes all the elements necessary for the successful implementation of the whole process of product sale. These elements include the shopping bag to which the user adds products, the presentational galleries of products, the choice of payment and delivery methods.

When it comes to the development of web shop, we pay special attention to the accessibility for small and medium entrepreneurs. By this we mean the lower cost of development, if the store and user requirements are less complex. We provide the unique development of complete solution and carry out the implementation of card payment system, such as best-known PayPal.

Advantages of creating web shop

In addition, that you become available 24 hours to Your costumers, there are many other benefits:
reduced costs of business
easy communication with customers
faster purchase
better product presentation
more accessible administrationi

When creating a web shop, it is necessary for us to access the administrative interface so that we could manage the contents of Your store. CMS (Content Management System) is an accounting system which allows the user to easily manage the online store system. Through this system, the user can easily add new products, monitor the status of a specific order, set the discount and manage the news editing on website.

Each web shop is created individually and adapted to user requirements. As the basis of functionality, we use our own developed platform for online store system, which is founded on most well-known development framework Angular.